The Jazz Guitar Expressway Book 2

THE JAZZ GUITAR EXPRESSWAY: Book 2 – A Global Road Map to Improvisational Freedom – Here you’ll find the final mysteries revealed, as we take the seven scale patterns from a technical concept to a virtually unlimited “toy box” of creative components. If the first 7 books are the building blocks of the system, ExpressWay 2 is the “mortar” that holds everything together: We begin with seven lessons that show how to extend Pattern 4 into Pattern 5. The lessons build on one another, leading to seamless knowledge of all seven scale patterns. Part of this comes through the “Fretboard Freedom Maps,” a unique series of concentrated studies for gaining prodigious chops and hard-wiring the dynamic concepts of dominant-tonic, tension-release into your improvised lines. The “Solos” section brings everything to a satisfying conclusion by applying ExpressWay concepts to popular chord changes similar to Cherokee, There Will Never Be Another You, and Sweet Georgia Brown. Includes book, instructional DVD, and practice CD…..$39.95 + 3.95 mailing. [International mailing is higher.]