This is talent

Post date: Feb 28, 2016 1:30:47 AM

"...I've taken a few Skype lessons with Steve, and the way he puts things together in his head, on the spot, is pretty amazing. I've seen other great guitarists do it, too

-- I worked with Howard Roberts for about ten years at Guitar Player and I've studied with countless other teachers and gone to dozens of seminars -- but Steve, unlike a lot of pro players, can tell you what he's doing and break it down to the granular level where you can understand it.

This is a talent -- a major talent. The level of guitar instruction has risen tremendously over the years since I got started, which was around the time HR formed GIT. I think Guitar Player, Truefire, Guitar World, Alfred Publishing, Hal Leonard

-- all these caught on to the fact that guitarists wanted to know IN DETAIL what great guitar players were doing and they have steadily improved their game over the years. But it's still true that there's an art to performing and an art to teaching, and talent in one doesn't necessarily imply talent in the other. Steve is one of those rare individuals who has the intellect and empathy with students to be a great teacher combined with the soul and the experience to be a great performer.

David Alzofon

-Former Guitar Player Magazine editor and American Songwriter columnist