Designated Speed Lines

This, the 5th book in the Jazz Science series is one of Steve's best. Its focus is double-time target phrases that you "hone till you own," perfecting them as you take your chops to a new level of proficiency. More than just licks, this exciting book contains articulation studies that can be applied to countless soloing situations. Moreover, they are designed to fix any "meter problems," helping to develop a strong, accurate sense of time.

Part 1, begins with 23 powerful exercises. Dominant sequences are shown in one and two-bar phrases throughout all 12 keys. You'll learn how changing just one note alters the tonal axis and changes chord functions; important insights for the jazz guitarist. Then follows a series of “two-five-one” speed studies utilizing all seven (7) scale patterns in three variations of each.

Part 2, applies the double-time figures to the Blues format in four different keys. If you've ever felt limited in your knowledge of what to play in blues, this chapter is full of fresh ideas and far-reaching possibilities.

Part 3, develops the material further, where pentatonic, whole-tones, harmonic and jazz minor and various substitutions are brought into play. Chord progressions based on famous standards are used to demonstrate the speed lines techniques. These include, “Bluesette,” “Cherokee,” “Joy Spring,” “I Love You,” “Autumn Leaves.” The book concludes with a concentrated study encompassing the entire fretboard.

The 1 hour DVD contains 18 Chapters, where Steve takes you through the entire 46 page book, playing all of the examples and explains the theory. Music notation and tablature makes it easy for anyone to learn. $39.95 + $6.45 shipping [International shipping is higher]

DESIGNATED SPEED LINES page: (testimonial)

“...As usual with all your books and DVDs, this is great stuff and fun to study! BTW, I also use the lines for my saxophone playing.”

Aad Overeem, The Netherlands

“Your new book and DVD is fabulous. It is a very significant contribution to the art of the guitar. But that is to be expected from someone as dedicated to the craft as you”

Stuart Hesley, Spotsylvania, VA

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