Jazz Guitar Power Soloing

An Advanced System For Building Powerful Technique

For over 30 years Steve Crowell has captured guitarists with his direct approach to playing. Now, with the third book in the Jazz Science series, he brings all his skills to bear on another exciting, original adventure in learning the art of jazz guitar improvisation.

While most players learn from a "lick-based" disconnected approach, this book gives a cohesive understanding of the jazz language and its unique application to the guitar. It contains all new material that brings together and expands on the elements shown in The 84 Jazz Guitar Equations, and Formulas For Jazz Guitar Improvisation. This book is especially valuable for those without a lot of practice time. Just 20 minutes a day spent on the 28 high-maintenance exercises will keep chops razor sharp.

Rhythm Changes Solo

Part one starts out with 28 short, concise warm-up exercises using the "one-six-two-five" progression. These give a summary of virtually every important jazz technique and sound. Designed to build powerful chops, they can be implemented into your playing as intros, endings and turnarounds. Combine, connect and interchange them to create an endless variety of ideas. The DVD takes you through each exercise and shows how to practice them.

Part two shows an entire fingering system for the Jazz Minor scale. There is also a complete overview of chromatics and how to apply them to soloing. No more vague guesswork; this section shows how to have complete control.

Part three features 17 solo studies based on popular chord progressions similar to Solar, How High The Moon, A Foggy Day, Autumn Leaves, Stella By Starlight, Sweet Georgia Brown, I've Got Rhythm, Summertime, and two Blues solos. These utilize all of the techniques from the previous two sections.

On the DVD Steve takes you through each solo, explaining the theory of how everything works. You can use Jazz Guitar Power Soloing along with The 84 Jazz Guitar Equations for analysis, or just by itself.

79 page book, includes a CD -- 20 tracks with all of the solos performed as written, plus rhythm backing tracks. Also a 48 minute instructional DVD......39.95. + Priority Mailing [International shipping is higher]