The Jazz Guitar Expressway Book 1

THE JAZZ GUITAR EXPRESSWAY: Book 1Solutions for Creative Soloing – As its name suggests, the jazz guitar “ExpressWay” merges power of expression with high-performance technique to get you to your destination fast. As most readers know, the 84 EQ system is based on seven interlocking scale patterns that cover the entire fretboard in all 12 keys. Learning to use them effectively is therefore the key to greater improvisational freedom. In a series of eleven in-depth lessons, this book focuses on just one pattern - Pattern 4 in the key of C - in order to reveal the full wealth of solo opportunities hidden within. But what about the rest? Behind all seven scale patterns is a master fingering pattern that is the same for all. Learn the master plan and you will never lose your way as you change patterns while improvising. A chapter on the “Master-Plan Fingering Chart” gives a helicopter view of the pattern. Then Steve continues to explore it in great detail on the DVD, revealing new insights that appear here for the very first time! Includes book, instructional DVD, and practice CD…39.95 + 3.95 mailing. [International mailing is higher]