How to Succeed in the Music Business

A Career Manual for Musicians and Artists

Originally published in 1990, this little book gives a step-by-step procedure for getting started and achieving long term success in the music business. It is a powerful motivator that has literally caused people to quit their day job and go into music full time. The chapters include, Getting Out There and Getting Started; Putting the Band Together; How to Negotiate with Clients, and much more. Steve Crowell shows how to use effective guerrilla marketing techniques that cost little or no money; how to write a simple, ironclad contract; negotiating techniques that take the fear and negativity out of dealing with people -- and actually makes it fun. These are timesaving skills that every artist needs to know, and are applicable to everyday situations. $9.95 + $1.95 shipping [international shipping is higher]


By A Customer

I'm in the process of literally "STARTING OVER" in the biz from ground zero. And in my desperate search for all the basic info that I've obviously missed, I came across Steve Crowell's book. I am so happy to have found it. It's definitely a concise, quick read, it's easy, honest and simple. The info is plainly put with no promises, huff or puff. All the so called "how to" books talk about record deals etc. And the fact is that before we get to a record deal, "most of us" have to wade the bottom till such happens.

So hats off to the author for writing the bare bones truth about the music game and for giving a guideline for where to start! I recommend this book for any singer or musician be it a newbie or a resurfacing pro. Great job Steve!"

P. Hunter - - - - - - - -