The 84 Equations

 The book that started it all -- 
The 84 Jazz Guitar Equations -- "A New Way of Thinking"

Steve's "84 Equations" System is unique and effective and has revolutionized the way guitarists learn jazz.  Superior in many respects - simple, inclusive and broad in scope and application.

  • This unique book shows the correlation of arpeggios and scales on the fingerboard, how they work together as a harmonic family, as one thought.  
  • The 84 Equation system gives complete linear coverage of the neck crucial for SUPERIOR JAZZ SOLOING.
  • With the 84 Equation’s inclusive fingering system, you’ll never wonder again about what fingering to use.   For concentrated practice, it’s one of the best CHOPS-BUILDERS ever devised.  

Music notation, tab, and chord diagrams are used to show every diatonic scale pattern in all keys. Three studies -- beginning, intermediate and advanced -- are given for each of the 84 Equations.  

Dear Advancing Guitarist:

 The 84 Equation concept manifested itself through many years of my intensive and caring research.  When you see what’s laid out right before your eyes, I think you will  be very excited too.

 Musical best wishes to all!


The 84 Jazz Guitar Equations: book, DVD & CD 

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 “84 Jazz Guitar Equations” – Simplicity Plus Depth Equals Brilliance