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 "Expressway 3 -- Part I, Pattern Busters."  Includes all-new material that's been evolving for more than a year. Expressway 3 will turbocharge your imagination and intuition; put you on a veritable “autobahn” of technique where the only limits are those you set for yourself.

Tuition is $35 per three-month semester (March 1 – May 31). Each week you will receive a new lesson designed to skyrocket your concept and chops. There will be frequent supplements, plus tutorial videos. You will be able to interact with other guitarists and ask questions; I will be working with everyone personally as well. (PayPal $35)


This is the all-inclusive lesson program showing how to use "The 84 Jazz Guitar Equations" system to produce superb jazz lines and build incredible technique.  It provides a complete soloing method that teaches concepts even some of the greatest players are not aware of.  It is put together in such a unique way, you will 'get it' quickly and SAVE YEARS OF STRUGGLE.  Intermediate to advanced players can take at your own pace and enjoy for a lifetime.

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Why not give the Gift of Jazz? Give them a gift certificate for Jazz Science Premium lessons and keep them happy for months! 

Just send an email to Steve and let him know who you'd like the Certificate sent to and they'll get a personalized note from Steve inviting them to participate in his Jazz Science Premium Lessons.  Use the form at the bottom of the page to sign up and the paypal button below to send payment:

Once we receive your payment an email will be sent to that someone special.  What could be better than the Gift of Jazz?

Jazz Science Premium Lessons

Course Title:"Formulas for Jazz Guitar Improvisation, Tools, Devices and Techniques for the Professional Guitarist."  

Course Goal:  

To supply you with all the tools you need to become a complete jazz guitar soloist; be able to sit in with virtually any group and solo confidently to jazz standards.


You Get:

36 main monthly lessons plus extra supplement studies, including solos and practice tracks.  Interact with students.  Personal coaching from Steve.


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The lessons are in PDF, which opens with Adobe Reader. There are also MP3 and MIDI sound files where you can hear the solos and play along with rhythm tracks.


You will need "The 84 Jazz Guitar Equations."   This will be your reference book throughout the course.  (A free download is available to Premium Lesson Students who don't have the book and will be sent upon request.)



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“...I honestly feel I am improving greatly with each arrangement and am gradually developing my own style. Your arrangements are great unto themselves but they also work well in developing variations. I never would have come this far if I hadn’t taken the chord solos class…”

Daniel Smith

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