The Jazz Guitar Expressway: Book 2

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Steven Crowell’s most significant work to date: THE JAZZ GUITAR EXPRESSWAY, Book 2 - A Road Map to Improvisational Freedom

ExpressWay 2  opens the doors of musical perception and puts the creative power in your hands. It reveals the final mysteries, as we take the seven scale patterns from a technical concept to a virtually unlimited improvisational “toy box” of creative components. If the first seven books are the building blocks of the 84 EQ system, ExpressWay 2 is the “mortar” that holds everything together. It stands on its own as a complete method that will become a treasure for your own library.

We begin with seven lessons that build on one another, leading to seamless knowledge of all seven scale patterns. There is a section of “Fretboard Freedom Maps,” a unique series of concentrated studies for gaining prodigious chops and a dynamic concept. The “Solos” section brings everything to a satisfying conclusion by applying ExpressWay techniques to popular chord changes similar to Cherokee, There Will Never Be Another You, and Sweet Georgia Brown. Includes 52 page book, instructional DVD, and practice CD…29.95 + 3.95 mailing (expires April 1st)