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The UltraPick is a state-of-the-art guitar pick designed to meet the technical demands of today's guitarists.   Each UltraPick is hand carved from long lasting tough thermoplastic.  A special heating and bonding process gives the UltraPick superior memory and response, bringing new life and vitality to the guitar.  With the UltraPick your playing will be crisper, cleaner, freer and more relaxed.  With its "grip strip" edge and slight contour , it is amazingly comfortable and slip-proof.  Created by Steve Crowell, the UltraPick makes sense in every way.  Once you try the UltraPick you'll never go back to using primitive guitar tools, or picks designed for hype.  The UltraPick becomes “one” with the musician, allowing him to play at the speed of thought. UltraPick (.045 gauge)  $6.95 + $1.95 shipping 

 NEW! UltraPick Super II -- Limited Edition* The new UltraPick Super II is slightly smaller than the regular UltraPick: .056 gauge, 1.50mm, [7/16” x 7/8”]
 “I use it exclusively; it’s just killer for big band rhythm and soloing, it connects me with the music.” -- Steve Crowell
Ultimate comfort, gorgeous unmatched tone--the “Super II” is the high-water mark of guitar picks…and it will last a long, long time. The material used in the UltraPick Super II is in limited supply, very scarce, just the right density--perfect for bringing out jazz tone complexities.   UltraPick Super II *Each pick is handmade upon order--a seven-step, three-day process--so allow a week for mailing. $20 + $1.95 Shipping 
Half Moon Bay CD by Warren Nunes Warren Nunes was one of the greatest of all jazz guitar technicians.  Each line, whatever the blinding speed, seems to have perfect form, yet spontaneous freedom and control.  This is a wonderful album and a must for every guitar lover's collection.  Guitarists can learn more listening to Warren than they will find in most books. [The 84 Jazz Guitar Equations and Premium Lessons are based on the techniques Warren used.] CD $14.95 + $3.95 Shipping