Jazz Science Guitar Institute

"Expressway 3 -- Part I, Pattern Busters."  Includes all-new material that's been evolving for more than a year. Expressway 3 will turbocharge your imagination and intuition; put you on a veritable “autobahn” of technique where the only limits are those you set for yourself.

Tuition is $35 per three-month semester (March 1 – May 31). Each week you will receive a new lesson designed to skyrocket your concept and chops. There will be frequent supplements, plus tutorial videos. You will be able to interact with other guitarists and ask questions; I will be working with everyone personally as well. (PayPal $35)

A teaser from Steve's seminal new book The Jazz Guitar Expressway Book 2

Teaser - Jazz Guitar Expressway Book 2

Jazz Guitar Methods For The New Millennium
IF YOU ARE an aspiring jazz guitarist you will not want to miss out on Steven Crowell's books and lessons. His highly acclaimed JAZZ SCIENCE SERIES has revolutionized the way people are learning jazz guitar. Steve is known for his direct approach that cuts years off the learning curve. These books will add depth and sophistication to your playing, making you a more valuable player!